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Below you will find a selection of tunes composed by me and taken from the CD ‘
Notes Home’ - along with ‘clippings’ from some of the reviews, with particular reference to the quality of the compositions.

Notes Home

02 Cap Mortola

04 Through The Night

05 Place Carnot

08 Broadband Blues

09 La Plage February 2010
Partners in jazz David MacKenzie (violin) and Josh Johnston (piano) recently released a second studio album called
Notes Home. It’s a flavorful mix of vintage and contemporary sounds. The classic swing music of Stephan Grappelli (a jazz violinist like David MacKenzie can’t avoid this comparison anyway) is their jumping off point, but they mix in elements of blues, Latin, contemporary jazz, pop, and classical styles, and the result is music with real depth . . . . . All 13 songs are original compositions and not one is a dud. Whether straight from the Gypsy jazz playbook like ‘Cap Mortola’, or alluding to the songs of Robert Schumann like ‘Through The Night’, each tune deserves a careful listen. The tunes are all thoughtfully arranged . . . . . Notes Home is an achievement. 13 original tunes played by a talented group of musicians all with obvious zest for the music. It’s a must - have for anyone who likes gypsy jazz, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to hear terrific original music.
Musicwatch - December 2009
This album has plenty of moments of intimacy, such as Through the Night, but many of the tracks are up tempo and fun, such as The Latecomer and Place Carnot, and swing with a gentle lilt of a past era. Many of the track titles seem to be places where the musicians were inspired to create a musical picture: Cap Mortola, La Narbonnaise (very bluesy), La Plage and Pont Neuf. I rather like this album, it has many happy and poignant moments, but it also seems to be like a movie soundtrack - musical portraits of people and places met on a vacation, perhaps. I think
Notes Home is quite a sophisticated album. It wears that sophistication lightly, but it nonetheless is a jazz album for those who dislike or never listen to jazz. Recommended.

Jazz Times - April 2010 - Mike Joyce
On their recent debut recording,
A Minor Happiness, violinist David MacKenzie and pianist Josh Johnston were left to their own devices, but no longer. Not only does the follow-up, Notes Home, underscore the Irish duo’s winning finesse and repertoire, but several performances also benefit from the presence of the three musicians who colour and propel a series of swing era-inspired arrangements and chamber-jazz offerings . . . . . Emphasizing original compositions with subtle shadings and modern harmonic twists, they offer a series of distinctive duo and small combo treats